Sonitrol of Central New Jersey

For over 50 years, Sonitrol has been the trusted name for protecting businesses, schools, and homes in North America, with a combination of human know-how and the latest technology. Our system is so sophisticated that we often catch criminals before they gain entry into our customers’ facilities.

The cornerstone of our success is our unique impact-activated, audio-based intrusion detection system. Our technology allows us to verify the threat posed by an alarm event before we call the police. That way, we minimize false alarms, create a faster police response, and actually apprehend the criminal!

We are also a leader in Access Control, Video Surveillance and Fire Alarm.

Attention all Schools!

Effective January 2020, every School District in the State of New Jersey MUST conform to the newly signed “Alyssa’s Law”, which requires that each school in the State must have a monitored panic alarm. Combine that with Sonitrol’s Verified Audio Detection, and we’re able to let first responders know the exact nature of the threat. Please listen to this sample of what our operators can hear in a crisis. This is an actual audio recording from an active shooter drill in one of the school districts that we service.


Sonitrol of New Jersey Community Memberships and Affiliations

Sonitrol of New Jersey Community Memberships and Affiliations Sonitrol of Central New Jersey

Verified Audio Detection

Our sophisticated  listening equipment has helped us catch over 1,000 criminals. This is something no other  security company has  been able to do.

Sonitrol of Central New Jersey

Intelligent Access Systems

Our Access Control System can save you the trouble and expense of locks, help you to track movement throughout your facility, and allow you to restrict access by location and/or time of day.

Sonitrol of Central New Jersey

SonaVisionTM Digital Video Surveillance

Imagine being anywhere in the world and still being able to keep an eye on your business. It is possible with Sonitrol’s SonaVision digital video.

Sonitrol of Central New Jersey

Fire Detection

The key to prevention  of loss by fire is speed  and detection. Our fire detection system uses  the latest technology to  detect smoke and heat before it destroys the property.

Complete Mobile Control

Manage Your System from Anywhere

With this new, powerful app, Sonitrol now provides users the capability to remotely and securely search for their facilities via map or text, manage system arming status, view and filter historical events, manage system users, and view live video.

Sonitrol of Central New Jersey

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