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Sonitrol offers a full line of security products, all backed by our unique audio/video verification technology. Our ability to hear and see what is actually happening at your site in real time enables us to verify the alarm before we call police.

Police response time is faster for Sonitrol than for a conventional security system alarm. Our intelligent technology leads to a high rate of apprehensions, which gives us exceptional credibility with law enforcement. And our ability to verify an alarm event is critical for prompt dispatch in the growing number of Verified Response communities, where law enforcement won’t respond to an alarm until they have verification that an event is actually occurring.

Any of our products can be integrated into a single, easy-to-use system that is monitored by highly trained professionals at our Sonitrol Monitoring Center. Our modular approach to system design gives you everything you need now and allows for easy expansion in the future.

What’s more, Sonitrol offers the best performance, satisfaction, service and false-alarm guarantees in the industry.

Sonitrol Verified Audio Detection

Sonitrol’s verified audio intrusion detection system is one of the most powerful tools you can add to your security arsenal – and it’s unique in the marketplace.

Unlike conventional alarms, Sonitrol’s verified alarms are sound-based, so when an alarm is triggered, our monitoring professionals can actually listen-in to determine whether a break-in is in progress, or whether a false alarm has occurred. If it is a break-in, we immediately dispatch police and relay real-time information to the responding officers. If it is a false alarm, we simply reset the system without bothering you or the police.

Because of this ability to verify alarms, Sonitrol has the highest apprehension rate and the lowest false alarm rate in the industry.

For retail businesses we can add hold-up alert capabilities that automatically activate a live audio feed in the event of a robbery during business hours.

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Sonitrol Intelligent Access Systems

The Sonitrol Managed Access Control system allows you to track and limit entry to buildings and sensitive areas of your business, providing protection for valuable information and data, and a safer work environment for employees. No more lost keys. No more expense of installing new locks or re-keying. When an employee leaves, or is reassigned, the card is easily deactivated. If needed, a new, updated card can be issued.

Business are vulnerable to internal, as well as external threats. Sonitrol’s access control solutions can  track and restrict who goes where and when. Only authorized users can enter your facility, or designated  areas within your facility – reducing the possibility of internal theft and external threats, protecting your physical and intellectual property, and limiting potential workplace violence.

Managed Access

Our core offering, Sonitrol Managed Access, gives you full control over the movement of employees,  visitors and contractors in your facility. Access cards give users access to authorized areas-there  are no codes to remember, and multiple levels of access cards give you flexibility in authorizing access to sensitive areas within your building.

Sonitrol manages and monitors your system 24 hours a day from our Monitoring Center. We keep a  record of cardholders and generate entry and exit reports. If you wish, you can view time, attendance  and scheduling reports; disarm a user’s access card or assign access levels; program scheduled door  locks/unlocks; and perform other management functions at our password-protected, secure user website, This web-based service also makes it easy to interact with our central station  professionals at your convenience, 24/7.

If you want to manage access control yourself, Sonitrol eAccess security software puts the power in your  hands.

Sonitrol eAccess powered by IEI provides embedded, browser-based security for organizations of all sizes  and gives you anytime/anywhere access to your security system from any computer with an internet connection. You don’t need to buy a PC or server, purchase software or client server licenses, or pay web-hosting subscription costs. And it works with your existing network, ID cards and readers.

  • Access Control.
  • Video / DVR.
  • Alarm Inputs.
  • Elevator Control.
  • Video Badging.
  • Temperature Monitoring.

If you want an access control system that can grow with your company, Sonitrol offers a powerful solution  with Sonitrol Enterprise Access. Scalable from entry-level to enterprise-wide, this next-generation security  management system combines ease of use with an exceptional level of control. With four configurations –  Lite, Standard, Plus and Professional – we can provide the ideal match for your access control needs today  and tomorrow.

Enterprise Access supports an unlimited number of:

  • Online readers.
  • Cards.
  • Cardholders.
  • Client workstations.
  • Addressable controllers.
  • Badge formats.
  • Administrative options for access levels, time zones and cardholder customer fields.

Enterprise Access has an intuitive graphical user interface for simplified set-up, training and operation. This feature-rich event management system is built on a cardholder-centric database that supports a wide  range of user variations, including multiple passwords and permissions by user. With four window views on the event monitor, and a wide range of event filters, it supports simultaneous security coverage of separately defined regions.

Like all Sonitrol access control offerings, Sonitrol Enterprise Access integrates with intrusion alarms and  video/CCTV/DVR as well as HVAC and other systems for maximum security. In addition to complete compatibility with Sonitrol 32-bit controllers, the system offers seamless integration with a range of third-party  products. The system can be configured to operate on your LAN or secured WAN, and its remote dial-up  capability offers further options for extending security across your enterprise.

Electronic Locks, Cards,  Badges & Readers.

Our technology eliminates the expense of rekeying or changing locks when an  employee leaves.

Users/employees are less likely to set  off  false alarms.

Automatically regulating access reduces the need for onsite security personnel.

System allows for temporary access by visitors and vendors.

Access control decreases your liability and risk.

SonaVisionTM Digital Video Surveillance

SonaVision®, Sonitrol’s video surveillance solution, lets you see what’s going on 24/7. SonaVision allows Sonitrol’s operators to see  what’s happening anytime an activation signal is received. And you can use SonaVision to remotely manage operations at your facility. Working in concert with Verified Audio Detection, Access Control, and any other modular components of your Sonitrol system, SonaVision offers greater security for your property. Take a look at  what SonaVision can do for you.

Video technology can be a powerful deterrent to both external and internal theft. It can also provide evidence and help protect you from  false slip-and-fall claims and similar threats. Sonitrol provides state-of-the-art video surveillance solutions that are as advanced as our intrusion alarm technology.

SonaVision supports multiple applications that can help keep your  property and personnel more secure, including:

  • Video verification provides a video clip of what happened before and after the alarm was triggered, allowing dispatchers to assess the event quickly and accurately.
  • Remote video access so you can evaluate employees and procedures from anywhere.

Sonitrol Fire Protection

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), fires and explosions cost businesses and schools more than $2.3 billion in property damage each year. Early detection and  verification are the keys to limiting fire loss. Fortunately, both are Sonitrol specialties.

Sonitrol fire detection can be easily integrated with other Sonitrol products and services. Sonitrol Central Station operators can monitor signals from your facility 24 hours a day. They can monitor smoke and heat detectors, sprinkler systems and pull stations. Our  professionals can differentiate between an intrusion alarm and a fire signal, and they can promptly dispatch the proper emergency  personnel to your business.

  • 3,245 civilians lost their lives as the result of fire.
  • 16,400 civilian injuries occurred as the result of fire.
  • 106 firefighters were killed while on duty.
  • Fire killed more Americans than all natural disasters combined.
  • 81 percent of all civilian fire deaths occurred in residences.
  • 1.6 million fires were reported. Many others went unreported, causing additional injuries and property loss.
  • Direct property loss due to fires was estimated at $11.3 billion.
  • An estimated 31,000 intentionally set structure fires resulted in 305 civilian deaths.
  • Intentionally set structure fires resulted in an estimated $755 million in property damage.
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Some Interesting Facts to Consider:

1 out of every 7 businesses has an alarm system*.

10 – 25% of all calls for police are alarm calls*.

Police respond to 38 million alarm activations per year*.

94 – 98% of alarm activations are false*.

A false alarm requires 20 minutes and 2 officers to investigate*.

The average police response time is 85% faster when responding to Sonitrol’s verified security alarms.

Sonitrol has assisted law enforcement in apprehending 155,000 criminals since 1977.

* US Dept. of Justice Police Department.

Ways to Protect Your:

Sonitrol of Central New Jersey

The Benefits of Verified Audio Detection

Better Protection Early Detection Alarm Verification.

More comprehensive coverage across your facility than motion detectors.

Ability to identify intruders who enter the building unconventionally (i.e.: wall, ceil- ings, adjoining suites), unlike perimeter protection systems.

Critical information for responding law enforcement.

Higher apprehension rate than conventional security.

SonaVisionTM: A Robust and Flexible Solution

Video Verification provides a video clip  of what happened before and after the  alarm was triggered, allowing dispatchers  to assess the event quickly and accurately.

Remote Video Access via Internet so  you can evaluate employees and proce-  dures from anywhere.

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Fire Detection Solutions Provided For

Smoke and heat detection.

Water flow and sprinkler monitoring.

Temperature monitoring for temperature-sensitive areas such as freezers.

Elevator recall.

Voice evacuation system.

Duct detection.

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Intelligent Access Systems

Our Access Control System can save you the trouble and expense of locks, help you to track movement throughout your facility, and allow you to restrict access by location and/or time of day